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We Are In A Retail Revolution

Customer expectations are driven by technology and raised by online retailers and big box stores that are continuously changing the retail landscape at lightning speed. Disruptors are also causing this revolution and If you are a retail service operator in Convenience Fuel Retailing (CFR), Grocery, Hospitality and/or Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), competition is fierce, product offerings are blurred across verticals, and customer demands are skyrocketing.

ROC Associates brings powerful and highly targeted experience and insights that can move you ahead of the competition, increase sales, optimize productivity and bring profit to the bottom line. We strive to align IT with the Business to create the perfect storm of Retail Genius. Learn how ROC can grow your business by identifying key differentiators as part of your digital transformation strategy, process redesign, and technology platform.

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The Associates of ROC bring a century of expertise in managing effective change across the retail sector. This senior team of consultants works seamlessly with your management to impact positive change and grow revenue.

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