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Many retailers think they have outgrown their existing technology. The reality is they may not have revisited the capabilities of their current systems since they were first implemented, and big gains can come from simply enabling new features.

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To ensure business processes are optimized which will maximize profits. When your technology no longer supports your business, we can help you select your next-generation solution.
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ROC brings decades of hands-on experience working for and with the industry’s leading technology innovators and suppliers. We will assess your existing technology infrastructure and make prudent recommendations on ways to better integrate and maximize your technology. ROC’s focus is always on efficiency, best in class and cost-effective solutions that create compatibility across all of your needs including: ERP, inventory management and purchasing, pricing, POS solutions, Loyalty, and e-Commerce platforms.

ROC Associates can help you navigate the RFP process. Finding the right technology requires deep industry knowledge and exposure to the most current and appropriate software in the marketplace. Selection of the right solution can impact your business for years to come, making it critical to choose the right technology and technology partners.

It all starts with a plan. ROC will take a deep dive into your business, helping to evaluate your challenges and successes. We work hand-in-hand with your management team and line employees to create a road map designed to address your unique needs. Our goal is to grow your business in a sustainable way so that your management team is empowered with the tools to lead going forward.


Today’s marketplace is volatile and competitive with a blurring of traditional consumer retailing. Your CSR customer is filling up at a Big Box store, QSR is integrated into convenience stores, and everyone is challenged by home delivery services. ROC can help you understand these ongoing behavioral shifts, and more importantly, map a realistic plan to meet your customers’ needs and changing behaviors.


Sometimes a solution is right at your fingertips. It is a matter of organizing, cross-training and rethinking old patterns to create a more productive and profitable environment. ROC doesn’t come in with a cookie-cutter solution, we observe your existing practices and use our industry insight to work with your management team to develop Best Practices that are specific and practical to your needs.


Technology is only as effective as the people using it. A recent study by The Gartner Group found that 70% of failed technology projects were the result of a lack of preparedness of the people and processes. ROC brings a unique combination of industry knowledge and technology experience. We work alongside your management team to train employees and optimize production, ensuring both your people and your processes are aligned with your significant technology investment. In fact, ROC’s hands-on approach during the pilot and rollout phase has significantly reduced level one support calls, as compared to other technology implementations.

A fundamental step to success begins with the proper configuration of your Pricebook. This builds a solidified foundation from headquarters to the field. The dynamic structure of your Pricebook will impact efficiency in processes such as ordering, receiving and counting. By starting with the correct Pricebook configuration you will avoid the complexity of making changes down the line. A correct Pricebook is critical to success and needs to be strategically planned from the site up and not accounting down.


ROC brings extensive experience in leading clients through the entire development cycle for retail technology. Our deep industry knowledge combined with our Best Practices for both waterfall and agile development methodologies allows us to gather requirements, document design, and work with developers to help you produce an end product that meets the needs of the business and is delivered on time with high quality.

Whether it’s traditional POS, tablets or mobile POS technology, ROC can help you determine the right strategy going forward to meet the demands of your customers. From RFP to vendor selection to implementation, ROC can help you make the right decision for your business environment.

ROC will help you look under the hood and find ways to better forecast, yielding optimized ordering and inventory control. Using proven algorithms, ROC will help you find solutions for perpetual inventory that eliminates instances of low and out-of-stock merchandise while decreasing product shrinkage.

Labor is the most limited commodity in retail and labor costs are the single highest expense in today’s retail environment. It’s imperative to control labor costs by investing in the right solutions to optimize productivity. Having the right people at the right time is critical to providing the best customer service to grow sales.

The ROC Team brings extensive experience in leading businesses through the entire development and implementation cycle for retail technology. Our extensive industry knowledge combined with our Best Practices for both waterfall and agile development methodologies allows ROC to gather requirements, document design, and work with developers to help produce an end product that meets the needs of your business. ROC delivers on time, within budget and with high quality.

Are you where your customer is looking? Most likely, your customer is interacting with his cellphone while putting gas in his car, ordering food, or shopping. ROC can help you create loyalty programs that integrate with Mobile POS systems to create an e-commerce platform. This can result in personalized offers that enable you to anticipate your customers’ needs and grow sales.

How well do you know your customer? Let ROC show you how predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can take existing data, or additional data garnered by utilizing the latest retail technology, to influence consumer decisions.

Applications can include video and wi-fi analytics, social media, and e-Commerce. Each of these applications can help garner intelligent predictive analytics that can fuel location based marketing programs, provide insight into your customer’s path-to-purchase, improve brand loyalty, and deliver a unique customer experience.

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